Our History and Mission


Prince Edward Montessori School is an independent, non-denominational school based on the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. Prince Edward Montessori School first opened its doors to the children in January of 1996, at the Etobicoke Campus in the west end of Toronto. In 2005, a second campus was opened in Port Credit, Mississauga.

Founding Director, Bozena Nowicka-Lipa, holds a Masters Degree in Psychology from Poland and an AMI Diploma from The Foundation for Montessori Education in Toronto, Canada.

Administrator and Co-Owner of the Mississauga Campus, Elizabeth Szczepanski  holds a Degree in Literature from Poland and a Bachelors of Visual Arts from York University, Toronto, Canada.

Our Mission Statement

At Prince Edward Montessori School, we aspire to nurture the child’s curiosity and natural desire to learn, helping them adapt to their time, place and culture by providing a prepared environment to meet their developmental needs. We encourage and support the child’s innate drive towards independence and cultivate an atmosphere of respect for self, others, community and the world.

Our teaching methods are based on the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, a physician, educator and humanitarian who devoted her life to the study and welfare of children.

Prince Edward Montessori School strives to instill in each child a love of learning, recognition of our individual gifts and talents; a belief in one’s self and an acceptance of others.

As educators, we strive to:

  • Remain committed to the founding principles and philosophies of Montessori education.
  • Remain committed to giving our best to the children through ongoing personal development in education theory and practice.
  • Follow the child and meet each child’s needs, believing that all children have an innate drive and ability to learn, progressing at an individual rate.
  • Facilitate learning in a safe, stimulating prepared environment that promotes freedom of choice, new experiences and promotes learning.
  • Work with parents to ensure a joyful and successful educational experience. The Montessori environment is an extension of the home and parental involvement is integral to a child’s academic, social and emotional success.